Upcoming Property Sales!

We are starting our 2nd Quarter off strong with 7 pending sales.  (RBS) Redwood Broadbent SLC-Estimated COE: 04/24/2017.  (LBW) Lakewood Business Park WA-Estimated COE: Early May. (HAS) Hillcrest Apartments SLC-Estimated COE: Early May. (RCH) Riverdale Condominiums Hemet-Estimated COE: 05/01/2017. (LIP) Los Alamos Industrial Phoenix-Estimated COE: 05/10/2017. (NVPS) North Village Palm Springs-Estimated COE: 05/15/2017. (NSD) North Park Apartments SD (Narragansett property)-Estimated COE: Middle of May. For more information please see the Q1 2017 Distribution Summary.